In 1992 my short detective story “I casi dell’ex ispettore Mentefina - Il libro maledetto” obtained a special award at the contest for humor tales Ghostbuster - Accademia dei Notturni and was included in the anthology “Delitti di carta”, curated by Francesco Guccini.
Some of my comical and satiric vignettes and comic-strips have been exposed at the 44th edition of Bordighera International Humor Festival, one of the most important sector-specific festivals in Italy.
In 1999 my comic-story “Pippo e l’apporto al porta a porta” has been voted ‘best of the year’ during a survey among the readers of the weekly comic-magazine “Topolino”.
My transposition of the film “Die Abrafaxe - Unter schwarzer flagge” in comics has been judged the second best book published in Germany in 2001 according to the panel of the Erlangen International Comic Festival.